Taboola’s Data-Driven Guide to Discovery for Travel Marketers

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Market Opportunity

We’ve got the rundown on opportunity for travel marketers in various countries for travel content—the data compares supply of travel content versus demand.

Discover Opportunities for Your Next Travel Campaign

We’re arming travel advertisers with information to better identify opportunities—both globally, and locally in 19 dominant travel markets—to compete effectively.

Data includes an assessment of market opportunity by country, platform type, content type, KPI, keyword, image type, clicks, impressions, and time of day 19 countries—an opportunity that can be capitalized on through the use of Taboola’s platform including tools like Backstage, Data Marketplace, Retargeting, Campaign Scheduler, Geotargeting tactics and more.

Campaign Insights

For your next travel campaign, we’ve got device, key performance indicator (KPI), content format, keyword and image trends that drive up click-through-rate (CTR).

User Insights

For better targeting, check out trends on when users are viewing and clicking on travel content throughout the day and week.

Global Native Advertising in 2018


Trends in Discovery and Native Advertising for the Travel Vertical

“We are extremely pleased with the quality of traffic coming from Taboola and its ability to successfully drive sign-ups on our website. 

Our account manager is always available with helpful tips, and the optimisations we’ve made have proven to be very effective. Taboola is definitely a branding and direct response solution worth investing in.”

“With Taboola, we reach people on the open web, who are open to discovering travel options—their native capabilities gave us the right placement on the page for our campaigns! 

With the help of our Taboola account manager, our detailed campaign planning allowed us to hit our goals. We have been able to record a steep performance increase across all Tourism Austria campaigns in no time after adding Taboola
to the mix.” 

 Ashley Gill, Digital Marketing, Secret Escapes

Claudia Sokoll, E-Marketing, Österreich Werbung

“In several new markets, we wanted to start selling travel packages directly to customers online. 

We created the Passenger 6A (P6A) editorial brand to educate consumers about our offerings, and saw immense success in audience growth and content engagement with Taboola during our recent ‘Visit Britain’ campaign.”

Nuria Cabot, Global Marketing Director, Passenger 6A

Discover Opportunities for Your Next Travel Campaign