Integrate HubSpot with Taboola

Reach potential customers across the world’s most popular websites.

Add Taboola’s Chrome extension to your Chrome Browser


(if you don’t already have one).


Log on to Hubspot



 After you install Taboola’s Chrome extension click on the extension and select “connect to Hubspot”


You’ll now be prompted to give access to your Taboola account. Click 'Accept'. After giving access to your Taboola account, you’ll have to grant permission for the app to use Hubspot. 
Click “Accept”.

Name Your Goal

Taboola Will Get You There

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How Does it Work?

Find out how your content can be reached by 1 billion people every month

Generate  quality leads

Increase Conversions and Sales

Drive new traffic and awareness

We analyze hundreds of real-time signals to promote your content to most relevant, interested audience.

Drive sign-ups and downloads from high-intent traffic

Taboola reaches 1B unique users globally every month*

Taboola reaches 88% of US Internet Users Across Desktop and Mobile

From your HubSpot Dashboard, publish a post. Select the "Launch Taboola Campaign" button and follow the Taboola Campaign Wizard 



Set your campaign 

Set up Geo Targeting


Set up your campaign budget


Setup an account with Taboola