How to Create, Distribute and Optimize Content That Resonates

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Content Creation Tips

Duration: 45 minutes

July 24th 2019

Creatives That Convert

Examples From Various Verticals

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Rachel Zalta, social psychologist and Marketing Research & Insight Manager for Taboola, brings you the insights you need to drive higher CTR based on our massive trove of creative performance data. 

Rachel is an expert at applying psychological research to optimizing the performance of content across the web, using insight-driven analysis.

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Duration: 45 minutes (plus Q&A)

Date: July 24th at 1:00pm ET 2019

Recommendations for titles, images and video native ad creatives based on an analysis of millions of ads.

How to create content for native ad networks that hits your goals and allows your brand to resonate with consumers.

Get inspired by other brands creating content for native advertising networks.

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Rachel Zalta
Global Research and Insights Lead, Taboola

Liz Montiel
VP of Partnerships, Social Native

Liz Montiel leads Social Native's channel partnerships, working closely with brands and ad networks for data-driven content creation and optimization to increase ad performance.

“For every digital ad, the possible combinations of creative elements are endless. So why do some ads nail it and others don’t?"

1:00pm ET