All We Want This Winter Is for Your Campaigns to Perform — Here’s How

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“In the online environment, trends are constantly changing depending on what people are seeing online, current events, and even the weather. Which creatives are recommended for the holiday season?"

We pick apart successful holiday marketing content for actionable insights

Duration: 45 minutes 

October 30th, 2019

The who, what, when, where and how of building top-performing native campaigns

See how marketers in fashion, beauty, technology and e-commerce nailed the holidays last year

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Rachel Zalta, social psychologist and Marketing Research & Insight Manager for Taboola, brings you the insights you need to drive higher CTR based on our massive trove of creative performance data. 

Rachel is an expert at applying psychological research to optimizing the performance of content across the web, using insight-driven analysis.      

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Date: October 30th 2019, 1:00pm ET

 1:00pm ET

Megan Morreale, Sr. Content Marketing Manager for Taboola, discusses exactly how to create content that speaks to your audience and genuinely represents your brand.

Megan has successfully managed content marketing and digital campaigns for over 50+ consumer and technology brands, and regularly contributes to sites like Relevance and NAI.

“Brands of all shapes and sizes create different types of content for their holiday marketing campaigns, but how are they making sure that content is really bringing them results by the end of the holiday season?”

Rachel Zalta
Global Research and Insights Lead

Megan Morreale
Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Targeting and Creative Insights (Based on Millions of Ads)

Examples that Inspire

The Anatomy of Great Holiday Content

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