The Advertiser's Global Readership Trends Report

The Guide to 2016 Trends in Readership by Platform for Marketers

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Average Session Duration

Illustrates how long the general population spends with a single piece of content on a certain device type.

Average Page Views

Illustrates how long a person is surfing the web, overall, with each device.

Spend Categories

Illustrates the types of content that marketers are spending the most budget to promote.

We Looked at Three Specific Metrics

Download the report to discover which content to promote on which device type — and to see where your competitors are already spending

Every day, people spend more and more time on the web. As digital marketing changes, so does the way consumers interact with web content.

In this new report, we’ve taken a dive into these readership trends. We cover trends globally, and also in several countries in the Americas, EMEA and APAC.


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