Taboola’s Data-Driven Guide to Discovery for Finance Marketers

Global Trends in Native Advertising for Finance 2018

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Market Opportunity

We’ve got the rundown on opportunity in various countries for finance content—the data compares supply of finance content versus demand.

Discover Opportunities for Your Next Campaign

Trends in discovery and native advertising for the finance vertical

We’re arming advertisers with information to better identify opportunities—both globally, and individually in 12 dominant finance markets—
to compete effectively in their space.

Data includes an assessment of market opportunity by country, industry benchmarks on platform type, clicks, impressions, and creative keyword recommendations in 12 countries—an opportunity that can be capitalized on through the use of tools like Taboola Backstage, Data Marketplace, Retargeting, Campaign Scheduler, Geotargeting tactics and more.

Campaign Insights

For your next finance campaign, we’ve got keyword and image trends that drive up click-through-rate (CTR) for advertisers. 

User Insights

For better targeting, check out our trends on when users are viewing and clicking on finance content throughout the day.