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Join the Taboola Partners Program, and put high-quality native advertising to work for your clients and your bottom line. 


What’s Taboola?



Even if you don’t know our name, you’ve seen our customers’ content promoted on thousands of premium publishers across the web. 


Both brand and performance marketers generate high-quality traffic with our unique native-format ads and unmatched targeting algorithm.


As a Taboola agency partner, you can add Taboola to your channel arsenal, driving new traffic for clients and incremental revenue for your agency.


Name the goal – Taboola delivers

Generate quality leads


Promote any kind of content 


Drive new traffic and awareness


Boost engagement


Our algorithm identifies the most high-intent traffic for your specific content and goals 

Articles, blogs, video, YouTube channels, contests, minisites promotions...

Taboola reaches 1B unique users globally every month*

Engaged, relevant audiences click and convert at higher rates

We analyze hundreds of real-time signals to promote your content to the most relevant, interested audience

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Why we get the results we do

Taboola’s unique algorithm uses hundreds of signals to target native ads for maximum relevance and exceptional response. It makes real-time content targeting decisions based on:

Your client’s targeting preferences

Historic performance by user group 

Individual user profile and behavioral data 

Publisher and content relevancy 

Using these parameters and many more, your clients’ content is promoted alongside the content their target audiences care about most, in the optimal location and format to drive maximum response.

“All of our clients are extremely results-driven, so It's essential that we secure the highest quality traffic. Taboola's performance and ability to scale has played a major role in our clients success."

Christopher Butlin,

Founder & CEO, Stringo Media


"I’ve been very pleased with Taboola’s performance as a tool within our media arsenal. It has performed very well and supported Tapstone’s unique ability to deliver successful native advertising campaigns for our clients."

Jonathan David, 

Founder & CEO, Tapstone

Join Taboola Partners

As a Taboola partner, you’ll have exclusive access to:



Incentives and rewards for launching new clients


Training resources for your team, exclusive events and sales material


Full access to the Taboola dashboard, easily launch and manage client campaigns

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Sign up as a Taboola agency partner, and you’ll get all the benefits of the partnership before you ever launch a campaign. 

And when you do set up your first campaign? It takes just minutes. Our easy-to-use self-service platform gives you full control over spend, CPCs, creative, and targeting. 

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*Taboola Partners is available for agencies registered in the US only 

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